Videos tell stories and stories are what bring people to your business.

What We Provide

Here at Margle Media, we provide strategic video marketing content for all social media platforms. Weʼve mastered the art of video, creating engaging content and building your reach to new followers and customers…

The videos and marketing materials we create are highly share-able, engaging, and connect you with your audience and customers.

We believe every business should be making aggressive moves on social media and the majority arenʼt. Not because they donʼt want to, many just donʼt know where to start, thatʼs where we can help!

Through targeted campaigns and video stories, we connect you immediately with your target market and audience.

Who We Are

Margle Media provides dozens of the largest publisher on Facebook & Instagram daily viral video content. With over 1 Billion+ views per month and hundreds of millions of shares on our videos, we are one of the leading media agencies in the world for video content. For business owners, we help manage and support your business pages, while creating tailored video content and ads to get new sales and drive traffic to your business.

It‘s time for

The days of T.V commercials and billboards are nearing an end. Today’s world calls for social media advertising!

Consumers skip
traditional advertising

In order to get ahead of your competition you need to be different. Including a strong video marketing presence is exactly the strategy to get ahead! Donʼt be boring and do the same marketing tactics as everyone else. Step up your game and be seen immediately by your target audience!

Why You'll Love Us

Itʼs pretty simple: We live and breathe digital marketing. With close to ten thousand videos published and a network of clients all over the world, we understand the value we can bring to businesses and brands immediately. The pride we take in delivering quality service and speedy response is above none. As your partner, we commit to doing everything we can to make your page of business stand out among everyone else.


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