The Margle Magicians

Don’t worry—
you’re in great hands

We’re a proud, Milwaukee-based firm founded by Luke Marlowe, our CEO, and Shay Rowbottom, our COO. Our President, Cheyn Crangle, joined the team a few months later, rounding out our management team. Since our inception, we’ve grown exponentially, and now we boast a full team of editors, distributors, curators, sales representatives, and marketing experts.

 Trusted Team

Our tight-knit team of expert editors, strategists, and producers are ready to help develop your brand.

Multi-industry Experience

We work with a variety of business sizes and types which gives us the advantage of seeing the trending social landscape as a whole.

Results that matter

Our goal is to strengthen the relationship between you and your audience through our results-driven approach.

In the current state of social media, video is king.

If you wish to grow your reach on Facebook or other platforms, you need unique video content.

In the field of social media communication and growth, Margle leads the way. We have partnered with some of the largest pages on Facebook and with companies and personalities that use their Facebook pages to grow their brands.

Margle simplifies the process of creating engaging video content for these pages. In essence, we remove the hassle of video development and deliver quality video content to publishers in a ready-to-post format. These are daily, consumable videos that increase overall engagement on the page.

Currently, our publisher base extends to every type of market. Some of our publishers include HYGOGods411Did You Know?Joy of MomJesus Daily, and I Love My Dog. While this list isn’t exhaustive, these are some of our larger networks.

We develop over 2,000 videos a month for our publishers collectively, reaching well over a billion views. Our videos are so successful because we have mastered the art of telling a story in a short format.

Our team are experts at taking digital content and transforming it into videos that pull in viewers and keep them watching. That’s why our view count is continuously high each month.

The Team

Jackson Pinkoski

Director of Sales

Bri Speaker

Sales Executive

Ben Jacobs

Sales Executive

Tyler Morrow

Sales Executive

Nathan McMonigle


Dylan J Edeler


Andreea Bălan


Nic DeMore

Lead Distributor

Marcus Westphal


John Dietz

Sales Administrator

Ben Seidel

Lead Media Buyer

Josh de Beer

Executive Assistant/Office Coordinator

Kaitlyn Howe

Director of Media Editing

Dan Marz

Director of Media Editing

Hannah Christensen


Joe Foote


Kohl Jordan


Brandon J Grade

Production Team

Alex King

Production Team

Austin Bower

Production Team

Flint Burns

Production Team

Bryce Bobula

Production Team

Tony Williams

Production Team

Steve Sukowaty

Production Team

Ben Coy

Production Team

Andy Becker

Production Team