Friendly Rabbit


The objective of this campaign was to effectively promote the Disturbed Friends party game, produced by Friendly Rabbit, across social media. Being similar to other card games, it was important to target audiences that would respond well to the product. Furthermore, we created a campaign that would launch in time to receive orders for the holiday season.



Both Facebook publishers and companies producing products face similar issues of exposure. Profits are made through increased exposure, and in the world of digital goods and marketing, the importance of expanding into the social media world has never been more evident.

The excessive cost and time required to produce and implement digital marketing campaigns can deter some companies from the field entirely. This cuts out an entire sales venue for companies; never has it been easier for consumers to purchase products from the convenience of their devices.

Furthermore, with a market full of similar-style card games, it’s important that each product stand out on its own. Therefore, Disturbed Friends had to demonstrate how it differed from other games.


Through continued expressed interest from publishers and the large, untapped market potential of Facebook, Margle Media decided to reach out to potential companies to offer advertisement space with our largest publishers. Margle Media offered to produce a 45-60 second video to be published on the largest possible Facebook networks.

This video would consist of footage shot in-house with our production team and/or stock footage taken directly from the company. But instead of a basic commercial, the video would tell a story surrounding the product—a story that would showcase the value of the product.

This video would not only increase engagement with the publisher’s social media brand but also increase the exposure and usage of the product by viewers. Performance of the videos are directly tracked through Facebook, allowing the company, Margle, and the publisher to analyze performance for necessary retargeting.


The campaign, which was implemented on the 20th of October, caused an instant attraction of
well over 1 million views. Sales increased dramatically to the point where Friendly Rabbit did not have the proper inventory to keep up with the orders.

With the initial success of the marketing campaign, we have slotted to begin two more campaigns, one in December of 2017 and another in January of 2018. The campaign had a ROI of around 200%. This led to Margle’s partnership with Friendly Rabbit to be their sole digital marketing producer.

Margle Media has presented a proven method of growth for both products and pages. By facilitating the production and distribution, the costs for both company and publisher significantly decreased, with the burden of work given to Margle Media.

Furthermore, Margle Media bridges the divide between publishers and product companies, taking on the heavy load in order to ensure success for both parties.