Paid Traffic Campaign – Case Study – Discount Ramps

Paid Social Media Traffic Campaign - Case Study

Discount Ramps sells all different types of ramps with a variety of uses. Their product lines include ramps used for loading and unloading off road vehicles. As well as ramps specifically to load mobility aids for the elderly and disabled.

They reached out to us in May of 2018 to help scale their marketing strategy and drive sales, specifically for their line of motorcycle and dirt bike ramps.

For this project we worked with the clients existing media in addition to making more assets. The produced video assets, were used in paid traffic ads that resulted in over $200,000 in purchases, with an investment of just over $40,000.

We accomplished this by utilizing all different types of audiences that we can target. Initially, we targeted cold audiences with interests related to motorcycles and the products we wanted to highlight. Followed up by launching a retargeting campaigns to display ads to visitors who didn’t purchase initially. Lastly, we launched lookalikes of these audiences that creates lists of similar users to the custom audiences that we know convert.

Facebook Advertising Results

As you can see below, cold audiences and retargeting brought in over a 5x return on investment. This allowed us to scale profitably and quickly. The retargeting ads were used with more personalized content to help convert.