Paid Social Traffic Campaign – Case Study – Snow Teeth Whitening

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Case Study – Paid Traffic

Snow Teeth Whitening, founded in 2014, is a leader in the teeth whitening industry.

After several years perfecting their formula, with millions in sales every year, Snow has catapulted to the top of their industry.

Snow came to us in February of 2018 to help expand their marketing strategy with our media buying and video production services.

We have been running an array of paid traffic campaigns on both Facebook and Instagram. As well as distributing videos organically and getting millions of views across our vast publisher network. By driving traffic to Snow’s website, engaging visitors with content and converting them.

Over the past 7 months, we have generated millions of dollars in sales from our ads alone. 

Now spending over $500,000 monthly on campaigns we continue to scale and drive sales through direct response ads, consumer interaction, and social media management.

Facebook Advertising Results

Below, our retargeting identifies consumers that did not initially make a purchase. This process allows us to show them new content and ads to remind them to complete their purchase.

We continue to run Snow ads monthly. We are able to bring in new customers at a profitable CPA, while customers who don’t purchase are placed in a separate advertisement funnel. In that funnel we are able to offer discounts, new video content, and new ways to convert at an optimal CPA.