Never leave the comfort of your sweats again! Swoveralls are changing the game. What are Swoveralls? Sweatpants + Overalls. The one outfit that does it all!

When The Great Fantastic (the makers of Swoveralls) came to us wanting to drive traffic to their Kickstarter campaign, we knew we had to make their product go viral. To do that, we created a video showcasing Swoveralls and distributed it to one of our largest Facebook publisher pages. Within the first four hours alone, our video reached 1 million views. In just 24 hours, we had hit 4 million.

In just a couple of weeks, our viral video had reached a staggering 9 million views. With the success of our video, came flooding in funds to The Great Fantastic’s Kickstarter. In just one week, we were able to raise $25,000 to go towards the production of Swoveralls.

As our client prepared to manufacture their products, we ran Facebook and Instagram ads to continue to drive website traffic and increase brand awareness. Around Month 2, The Great Fantastic started a fresh fundraising effort on Indiegogo, as brand awareness and customer interest from our traffic campaign surged.

All in all, we were able to crush their Indiegogo campaign and raise over $30,000. At the same time, there were enough pairs of Swoveralls to start a conversion campaign via our Facebook and Instagram ads. In the next month, we were able to achieve over 50 purchases. In the final weeks of the campaign, we had achieved an overall return on ad spend of 3.93x.

Facebook Advertising Results

In the below screenshot, you can see that these audiences produced a 3.61x return on ad spend, spending $860 and returning $3,110 in sales.