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Case Study: Coalatree

The Company

Coalatree is an outdoor brand that has a variety of products from shorts and pants, to hammocks and even a survival knife. They test most of their product launches by getting backing on Kickstarter and Indiegogo. This allows them to get a proof of concept of sorts before they really want to dive in and officially launch it on their site. 

The Problem

Coalatree was looking for an agency to help scale their spend and help launch their new products on Kickstarter. Their Kickstarters have done well in the past but they were looking to put some ad spend behind them for even more funding and results. They were doing well as a company but really looking to scale their company and expand their brand overseas to a new market.

The Solution

We took over Coalatree’s marketing and ran it at a 2x+ at scale. We focused heavily on the versatility of their store, really advertising every product set they have, rather than focusing on a certain item. We made sure each product was being delivered to an audience that it would resonate with, whether it was someone interested in the pants or sweatshirt, or someone looking to buy a hammock or Kachula blanket.

The Result

  • $171.4k Spent
  • 2,317 Purchases
  • 2.12x Return
  • 242.3k Link Clicks
  • 6.31m Post Engagements