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Case Study: Cora Minerals

The Company

Cora Minerals is a company that purchases land owner’s mineral rights for re-sale and investment purposes. 

This process benefits both the land owner and Cora Minerals. The land owner generally receives a check that benefits their family and future generations by selling their land interests. 

The Problem

In a very established industry, many of these companies use traditional means of advertising as a result. Whether it’s mail, television, billboards, etc., these methods are outdated and not as effective despite their target demographic being 45+. 

There is a huge opportunity for social media marketing in this landscape.

The Solution

We developed a strategy to run ads on social media platforms that connected with those who Cora thought their target demographic was. 

We flew out to Texas and met with past customers whose lives have changed as a result of selling their land and used their interviews in testimonial ads. Testimonial ads are a very effective way of showing the target audience the power behind what is being sold. 

Being a data-heavy client as well, Cora provided us with email lists that we were able to upload into Facebook to use as targeting, both directly and by creating Lookalike campaigns. Additionally, we had an idea of the regions these ads would be most effective in based off of the type of land in these regions, so we targeted by ZIP codes to these areas. 

By layering in the demographics, email lists, regions, and interest, we had a dialed in audience we could target effectively. 

The Result

  • $11,881.01 Spent
  • 45 Leads, over 2M in closed deals
  • $33.22 CPM
  • $1.28 CPC
  • 2.60% CTR