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Case Study: Enstrom Toffee & Confectionery

The Company

Enstrom is a confectionery company that specializes in toffee products. They have been running their family-owned business for over 50 years. The holiday times are where they do a large portion of their sales: Black Friday, Christmas, and even Valentine’s Day. They have a loyal customer base who loves the products and purchases every year so acquiring new customers creates a great lifetime value.

The Problem

Enstrom came to us to help run their holiday sale on Facebook and Instagram. They make a heavy marketing push at this time of the year so a big focus was to make sure that all of the messages synced up. Email is great for getting new deals and reminders to returning customers, which is why Facebook and Instagram were important. Facebook and Instagram are great for new customers but also still have great tools to target people very interested in buying as well.

The Solution

We did our own production for this campaign. They sent us their products, emphasizing their top sellers. We shot the products with a holiday flair to connect to the time that they are seeing the ads. Someone scrolling through their timeline will be more likely to stop and click on ad that stands out so we made sure that our creative stood out, with the product being the primary feature.

We did a photo shoot and made sure that what we were shooting was framed the right way for social media. 4:5 remains to be a top performer because it works well on both Instagram and Facebook so most of the creative was done with this in mind. Another key component we kept in mind was taking shots that would work well together in a carousel. These ads could really stand out as they show multiple products in a way that blends from one picture to the next.

Our paid strategy was also formulated based on historical data they provided us: customer lists, demographics, interests, etc. Keeping in mind that cold customer acquisition is our primary focus, a lot of our approach revolved around interest-based targeting. We targeted their primary demographic, layering in interests related to candy, toffee chocolate, etc. Chocolate is a product that most people enjoy so we could keep the targeting broader and reaching more people.

The other aspect of our paid strategy was to take the email lists they have and target them directly, while also creating lookalike campaigns from them, that target a percentage of the target area with similar characteristics to the original list. We also applied lookalikes to website visitors, ad engagers, and add to carts while targeting the events directly as well.

The Result

  • $15,019 Spent
  • 1,714 Purchases
  • 14.9x Return
  • 9,660 Link Clicks