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Case Study: Taos Bakes

The Company

Taos Bakes creates a healthy, natural snack bake that is a delicious alternative to tasteless energy bars. 

They are confident in their product and know that once someone tries the product, they will love it and become a return purchaser. They take making “snacks without shortcuts” seriously. They are in retail stores and DTC online.

The Problem

When Taos came to us, they previously created a highly cinematic video that they hoped would generate a large amount of sales simply from the creativity and humor in the video and mass awareness. 

Unfortunately, the video was seen by millions, but that alone wasn’t enough to really drive customers to the finish line. Which is where Margle came in right before the holiday season. Previously, their biggest day in e-commerce revenue was around $4,300 in revenue. 

They were looking for a heavy push over the holiday season and into the new year to move excess inventory. 

They wanted to accomplish this by using the video they had produced as much as possible. Taos was also looking to identify their ideal customer and really figure out who it was they should be targeting and branding for. 

They had a general idea of who they thought was purchasing, but never fully gave it a test.

The Solution 

Starting in the holiday season, we knew that we needed to have an offer to compete with other brands who market heavily during the holidays. We helped formulate an offer that made sense for their business and provided value to the customer as well. 

We ran with a buy one, get one free for their sampler pack, knowing the lifetime value would become profit off of a breakeven promo. We ran this campaign on Facebook and Instagram, focusing heavily on new customer acquisition. 

For creative, we split the spend between cuts we had made of their main hero video and creative we made that simply flashed the buy one, get one free sale with a picture of the product. When running a promo like BOGO, we have seen success with simple imagery, that really focuses on the product and the promo, rather than being too flashy.

We launched the Tuesday before Black Friday and on the second day of the campaign, surpassed their highest previous sales total. On both Black Friday and Cyber Monday, we quadrupled their highest sales days. 

We ran the promo through Cyber Week and then rolled the campaign into December, focusing on holiday creative to relate with the buyer.

A big focus for this campaign was also to identify the target buy for their product. They had not previously segmented campaigns to identify who they should really be targeting, just focusing on broad audiences. We brainstormed several different markets to test and ran them in separate campaigns to segment them out and see which perform the best. 

We tested blue collar workers in rural areas, millenials who live in the city, people with a heavy focus on health, and a few more. We catered the ad copy towards all of these audiences, while also running general ads to see which ads were most effective. 

This helped us truly identify their ideal customer and gave a blueprint of who they should have in mind when coming up with new products, branding, etc in the future.

The Result

  • $55,575.07 Spent
  • 3,310 Purchases
  • $100,726.61 Conversion Value
  • 1.81x Return
    • 2.26x Return on LTV
  • $22.78 CPM
  • $0.71 CPC
  • 3.19% CTR