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Case Study: WANDRD

The Company

WANDRD is a company owned by three brothers who were tired of constantly having to put money into different camera bags. They set out to create a high quality camera bag that was built to last. They have now created over 5 different bags, that fit different types of cameras and different lifestyles. They make lasting bags for those who wander.

The Problem

WANDRD was looking to scale their business. They had been working with their agency of record for over two years and were looking for a new perspective. We started working with them in June and they wanted to focus on scaling their spend profitably while giving advice and direction on the creative that was working best.

The Solution

We focused on segmenting our audiences for WANDRD based on interests and demographics with the highest affinities similar to their brand. Although it’s primarily a camera bag, we positioned it as an everyday bag too. This allowed us to cater our targeting towards whichever niche we were targeting in that campaign. We tested out this targeting towards photography and camera interests, travel interest, commuting interests, etc. 

This segmentation allowed us to analyze further how the different demographics we were targeting were responding. We started by delivering tailored creative to each audience. For photography interests, we focused on highlighting the benefits the bag provides whether you’re shooting street, wildlife, or travel photography. The travel approach highlighted how high quality the bag is and convenient it is to travel. Lastly, we had our evergreen video that just showed off the bag in every aspect.

By creating these different angles with the creative and copy, we could test all of the different combinations together. What we found was that often times, the general ad outperformed the rest, regardless of the targeting. Similarly, the travel ad had success in the photography audiences too.

We were able to achieve a 2.5x+ ROAS at scale using this method. We took over the retargeting as a result of our efforts on the cold side and this allowed us control the spend on both cold and warm targeting. We scaled the brand heavily at this point because the more we spent on the cold audiences, the more traffic we were getting that can then be filtered into the warm audience funnels. 

The Result

  • $230,384.32 Spent
  • 3,035 Purchases
  • $563,532.77 Conversion Value
  • 2.45x Return
  • $2.55 CPM
  • $0.38 CPC
  • 0.67% CTR