The Problem

Coalatree came to Margle Media looking for a partner to ramp up their online sales as we led into the holidays then into 2019. They already had beautiful video content, but needed us to transform it into digital assets that we could use for our social media marketing campaign.

The Strategy

We developed a paid social strategy with the 10 pieces of video content that were created. We capitalized on the time of year, creating separate campaigns for both Black Friday and Christmas. We used multiple placements including Instagram, knowing the demographic on this platform would resonate with our content. One thing we focused on was putting emphasis into Coalatree’s giveback program and the fact that they use surplus material for their whole product line.

The Result

Our 3 month holiday campaign was spread across Facebook and Instagram. Our approach targeted interest-based, lookalike, and retargeting audiences, seeing similar success across the 3. Our numbers peaked on Black Friday and the few weeks leading up to Christmas, but the campaign was consistently



Total Sales

Total Reach










Success through collaboration

Want to collaborate? Let’s put our heads together to create a plan, think outside the-box, share a vision, and reap the success.

© Copyright 2019 Margle Media. All Rights Reserved.

© Copyright 2019 Margle Media. All Rights Reserved.