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Email marketing is an interesting conundrum marketing professionals face. It isn’t terribly difficult to acquire a huge amount of email addresses and then begin sending messages, deals, and big announcements to those people. The difficulty comes in how effective strategies like these are. A large amount of the population will see an email from a company and immediately delete it, negating the work you put in to write and send it to them. You want your email marketing strategies to be as effective as possible. To do so, you want to make sure the email list you are working from is the best possible audience you can ask for. Today, we’ll be discussing the process of email list cleaning.

Why Email List Cleaning Is Necessary

Email list cleaning is  essential if you are running email marketing campaigns, but many neglect this task as it can be a bit tedious. This is a grave mistake, as those who don’t make the effort can find themselves with all kinds of issues in the future. If you assume that quantity trumps quality in this situation, you will often find yourself on the bad side of email providers. 

When people who don’t want to receive your messages continue to get them, they will start to take action. They begin to delete them before opening, attempt to unsubscribe, or even mark your messages as spam. When this happens with enough frequency, email providers will mark you with poor sender reputation and you will have even less reach through emails.

This can not only affect new customers you are trying to reach, but stifle the reach to your devoted customers as emails from you may start to be redirected to spam folders. To avoid this outcome, let us talk about what email list cleaning tricks you can employ. 

Engaging With Your Audience

One of the more difficult aspects of email marketing is gauging how much clients and potential clients are actually engaging with your messages. If you are experiencing low engagement, it could mean that people don’t like the emails. It could also be that people are loving them but don’t feel the need to respond or engage with them in any way. 

Request Feedback

Thankfully, this is a relatively easy issue to combat. By adding in direct and obvious ways for recipients to engage, you can begin to find out who is willing and will do so more often. Add a poll, request feedback on a policy you’ve initiated, or even asking recipients how often they’d like to receive messages. This can get people’s attention and you can start to get a feel for who is willing to engage.

With this information in mind, you can filter out those who subscribed to you but who don’t interact. This is an easy email list cleaning trick you can employ periodically to weed out non-engaging subscribers to avoid getting marks against you in the future. 

Re-Engagement Email Campaign

This tactic of email list cleaning may seem drastic however. If you’d like an initial option that’s more direct, that certainly exists. This option is known as a re-engagement email campaign. This kind of campaign can be a good option if you are finding that there is very low engagement across the board. The reason for this may not be because your followers are  disinterested in your business, they may just not enjoy your more recent content. This campaign’s goal then would be to shake up your formula to bring less engaging followers back around to engaging with your emails again. 

A campaign like this could be any number of things. One of the best options is to offer something to your email subscribers. A coupon code, a unique perk or bonus, or perhaps content exclusive to email subscribers can draw people back in if they have been paying less attention lately.

You can also combine this campaign with mentions of it across other platforms. Chances are high that your email subscribers follow you on other social channels so you can mention on your Facebook or Twitter, for instance, that people should keep an eye out for a special offer coming through in their email. This method can also draw in people who perhaps weren’t email subscribers in the past. As with the previous tactic, once you perform this trick you can weed out those who still don’t engage back. 

Making It Easier For Customers

These next tips for email list cleaning may seem counterintuitive as they primarily make it easier for followers to unfollow you, but worry not, it is for the greater good of your campaigns.

Re-Opt-In Request

The first option we’ll talk about here is a re-opt-in request. Obviously you won’t have any reason to ask your constantly engaged followers to do this, but it may be wise for those who don’t engage much, if at all. Something to remember when performing email marketing is that people are oftentimes simply lazy.

Whether that means they aren’t engaging or they simply haven’t unsubscribed to you because it hasn’t been on their mind, an email encouraging them to re-opt-in may be the wakeup call they need to either start engaging or leave. This is a blunt way to find out if people still want to receive your emails, but it is also extremely effective. 

Make It Easier To Unsubscribe

This next method of email list cleaning may surprise you, but you should make it easy to unsubscribe to your email marketing. More likely than not you’ve experienced an email marketing campaign that is obnoxiously difficult to stop receiving emails from. I’m sure that did not make you think fondly of the business that gave you such a headache.

Many companies assume that by making it difficult they are retaining more customers. This does not account for the fact that they are angering those customers and thus are spreading a poor narrative about their own business. People will appreciate anything you can do to make their lives easier. They may be more inclined to seek you out on another platform that they are more comfortable using.

Remember, the more people sending your messages to junk boxes, the more likely the email provider is to hinder your reach. 


Email marketing requires different strategies than most other types of marketing. It takes constant vigilance to make sure it’s continuing to be successful. You should be periodically making efforts to use these email list cleaning tactics to improve your success. These methods can range from: enticing subscribers to engage more in making it easier for those who don’t want your messages not to receive them any longer. If you are willing to work with your customers, they will almost always make an effort back.

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