The Problem

Enstrom Toffee & Confectionery came to Margle Media looking for a partner to help with their social media presence, and online sales. They had always been a leader in their industry but had never put a strong emphasis on social presence and paid social. They were looking to expand their social media presence through paid advertising and came to us at a good time with the holidays coming up.

The Strategy

Enstrom had strong direct mail and corporate sales, but not nearly as much traction direct to consumer. We developed a paid media strategy that allowed us to drive conversions cost-effectively. With the holiday season right around the corner, we focused on gift packages and introduced ads that portrayed Enstrom as the perfect gift option.

The Result

Our 3 month campaign spanned from early October to early January, and witnessed outstanding results. Our initial plan was to use $3,000 in ad spend a month, but because of the results we saw, we ended up spending a little over $15,000 over the course of 90 days. In total, we reached close to 250,000 customers and received 1,714 purchases. Our final numbers included $15,019 in ad spend and $223,752 in conversion value, equaling a 14.9x ROAs (return on ad spend).


Total Link Clicks

Total Purchase

Total Sales

Total Reach










Success through collaboration

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© Copyright 2019 Margle Media. All Rights Reserved.