Common SEO Mistakes
If there’s one thing that needs to be understood about running a business in 2020, it’s that you absolutely need a social media presence. Without one, your average consumer won’t take you as seriously as those with an engaging Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or even LinkedIn page. So, if you have to have a presence on social media, how do you grow a following? Today, we’ll be discussing some ways you can put together a Facebook strategy to gain more likes on posts and your follower count as a whole. 

Posting The Right Content

We’ll begin with the most obvious Facebook strategy to gain page likes and followers: the content that you’re posting. But what kind of content will get the most attention? That is the question most ponder when thinking about how to best grow their page. The answer is extremely multifaceted.

When you are first starting out, a very good idea is to work off of the success of others. Facebook has been around for over a decade, and while it’s constantly  changing, there are always current trends you can follow, as well as more evergreen ones that never really stop working. This technique is all about posting content of a similar type that you’ve seen perform well elsewhere. An easy example of this is a page that focuses on “feel-good” messages. They can use popular ones and put a spin on the art or perhaps use a quote and take the message a step farther to tie in a personal experience. 

The desire to be original is a good one, and while a fair  portion of your content should be completely your own, don’t be afraid to use what’s worked in the past. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel, whether you are first starting out or a veteran seeking to continue growing your  audience. If you find a post that fits your brand and theme, remake it using your own creativity. General ideas don’t belong to any one person and if your audience will enjoy the post, all the better. While it likely won’t do nearly as well as the original you are drawing inspiration from, if it does even half as well that is far more eyes on your page than before. If you’ve heard the term “repurposing for social media,” this is often what they are talking about. 

Timing Your Post Right

Believe it or not, simply posting good content isn’t enough of a Facebook strategy to gain a huge amount of new likes or followers. You could have the most engaging page in the world, but if people aren’t around to see your content when it’s new, Facebook likely won’t promote it and your reach will suffer greatly. Keeping a consistent posting schedule and posting at the best times of day will be what separates a successful page from one that never gains any new followers.


Consistency is step one. There are those that will tell you to post as often as possible but this actually can be just as detrimental as not posting enough. When your fans can’t keep up engaging with everything you’re posting, your engagement will suffer. The ideal amount of new content you should be posting a week is around five to ten. If you’re sticking to posting on weekdays, that equates to once or twice a day. This allows fans to interact with your content while not being overwhelmed. Now keep in mind, this is only in reference to your own content. You should also supplement this by sharing articles and videos that pertain to your brand. Practices like these will help boost your engagement. 

When Should You Be Posting?

Now that we’ve spoken about how much you should be posting, the question is, when? This one varies quite a bit more. When coming up with a Facebook strategy about when to post, it depends more on what kind of content you are posting. The general rule of thumb is to aim for times when people will likely have the free time to see your content. This means meal times, breaks, times of that nature. Relatively during early morning and mid afternoon is when you can catch people either just before they go to work or just after they are getting out. 

What Should You Be Posting?

As mentioned however, the type of content you are posting changes this a bit. If you are posting news of any sort, the previously mentioned time slots are good, but if you are posting entertainment type content, early morning often isn’t the best idea as people want more entertainment as a day progresses. In this way you can aim for lunch breaks and evening posting to catch a different sort of crowd. You should always be experimenting to find when your audience best reacts to your content. 

Things To Keep In Mind When You Post

If you want to build a Facebook strategy for gaining likes and followers, content and timing are the most important, but there are numerous smaller notes to keep in mind when creating and posting.

Attention Spans

The first is to remember that the average attention span of an Internet user is short, so you should in turn, keep your content quick and to the point. The faster you can get a point across, the better. The quicker people can read what you have to say, the more likely they’ll be to share it and post it elsewhere. 

Be Real

Another important thing to keep in mind is making yourself as real as possible. The last thing people want is to be preached to or feel like they are getting their information or entertainment from a robot. You’ll also build a stronger brand if you write similarly to how you speak. This also allows you to be more candid with your followers, and as the rise of the Youtuber has proven, people want authenticity more than they want polish. You want your content to be professional, but if you have to choose between sounding real and posting something perfect, you should always choose authenticity. 

Be Direct

One final note to keep in mind is to speak to your viewers in the most direct way whenever possible. If you can add a call to action in some way, you should! Encourage engagement with good questions or let your viewers know when you’re going live. As long as it doesn’t feel to your audience like you are trying to manipulate them, they will respond to your requests. 


Gaining a following on Facebook is certainly more difficult now than it was five years ago, but it is still very doable if you are willing to put in the effort. There’s no best time to get started building your Facebook strategy to gain more followers and likes, so you may as well get started right away!

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