Common SEO Mistakes

If your plan is to gain a sizable presence on the Internet, a great place to start is to write a blog. The primary reason for this is because blogs can be about almost anything. Ranging from informative to entertainment, your brand can start just about any way you’d like. But just writing one isn’t enough of course. If you want to build a following, people need to actually see your blog. The question we’ll be discussing today is: how do you drive traffic to your blog? There are plenty of ways, if you’re willing to put in the work and stay consistent. 

Nothing But Writing

Before we talk about how you are going to drive traffic to your blog through outside means, you first need to understand the basics of writing a blog that will make it most successful. One of the most important aspects of blog writing is consistency. This is in regards both to theme and time. 

Blog Topics

When you begin to create a blog that you intend to follow through on, you need to decide what your topic is going to be. Now, some fear the thought of pigeon-holing yourself into one topic and then you can’t write about anything else. This couldn’t be further from the truth. What matters most is that you are consistent to your brand. Say you run a movie review blog. People then obviously expect movie reviews from your blog. However, you aren’t trapped just into that. You can always widen your scope if you do it gradually. You should keep your reviews in one location because that’s what your long-time readers expect from you, but you can add other aspects to your brand. It’s worth keeping in mind that, for this example, your brand isn’t just movie reviews, it can be anything entertainment-media related. 

This can work with almost any topic. Say you began your blog writing on how to fix car engines. Some might feel trapped by only being able to talk about engines, but if you widen things slowly, your audience will not only grow as you explore more topics, but your long time readers will be more likely to stick around if they see more value to your knowledge. You can expand to talking about other car repairs, then maybe talking about your favorite classic cars, and then any news in the automotive world. If you are creative enough, you can expand just about any topic to include the topics you are interested in. 


Consistency in posting is also incredibly important. If your readers expect a new blog on a specific day and that doesn’t happen, a decent percentage of them won’t return. You’ve become part of their schedule and when you don’t meet that expectation they remove you to make room for something that will fit with their lives better. On the technical side, it is also beneficial to post consistently because search engines will see you posting and promote your content more. The easier it is for people to find you, the more of a following you’ll gain. 

The Little Things

Now that the more obvious ways to drive traffic to your blog are out of the way, we can move onto some more nitty-gritty tips and tricks. There are small things you can do to each individual blog that will gain more attention and readers.


The first is to simply write more eye-catching titles. There’s a reason the term “click-bait” is used so frequently in marketing. While you shouldn’t go too over the top with things as that will drive certain readers away, you should try and consider how exciting you can make the few words you have to draw people in. This is a society of instant gratification, and you need to keep that in mind whenever you make a new piece of media. 

How Will The Content Age?

Something to consider when thinking about topics as well is how long they can last. It may be tempting to go headline chasing and write about whatever is big in the mainstream media at the moment, but you should consider how that content will age. If your entire blog is nothing but headline chasing, there will never be reason for your readers to go back and see your past work. While the occasional headline catcher is okay, you should consider content that will last, better known as evergreen content. This will make your blog more engaging and will vastly up reader’s time spent on your site. 

Technical Tricks

If you really want to drive traffic to your blog though, it can’t just be about the content. If you don’t know how to optimize and market your brand, you won’t ever go beyond niche appeal.


Understanding search engine optimization, or SEO, is integral. This is the process by which you make your blog more findable on a search engine like Google. The first tip for this is key words. To make a blog show up easier on a search engine you’ll want a consistent, semi-popular phrase that people may be searching. Even take the blog you’re reading for instance. If you’ve been paying attention, you may have seen the phrase “boost traffic to your blog” crop up several times. This will make it so that when someone searches how to “boost traffic to your blog” there will be  a higher chance this page will appear for them. 


Using keywords isn’t the only way to use SEO to boost traffic to your blog. One of the easiest ways to achieve that is to add in photos. It may seem simple, but when you add photos you are not only making your blog more visually appealing, but you have  the opportunity to add image tags which can also make your blog more SEO friendly. 


One final trick on the actual blog itself is to add in links. Whenever you have the opportunity to add in outbound links, whether they lead  to other pages, sources, even images, Google will promote your blog more often. It also makes it easier for your readers to find information that perhaps you couldn’t provide them. Some see this as driving traffic away from your page, but in reality you making it easier for readers to navigate will bring them back to your blog more often as they know you’re reliable. 

Don’t Forget About Social

With all the tricks we’ve spoken about thus far, few of them will help you drive traffic to your blog like promoting your work on social media will.


Any time you write a new blog post, you should make a post and share a link to any social channels you have available to you. On the post itself you should also add a sharing option whenever possible. You shouldn’t have to do all the promotion yourself, let your fans help you do it too! You never know who will read your work and promote you across their network. Sometimes all it takes is the right audience member to bring attention to your work. 


Working with other creators can be extremely beneficial as well. Oftentimes, blog writers will collaborate and write a post for each other’s blogs. This kind of guest writing can help let a whole new potential fanbase know about your work. The more eyes on your work, the better. In this way, you also can create a community of writers working together which will only grow that audience further.

Market Your Work

One final tip about promoting your work on social media is to actually market your work. Believe it or not, most of the extremely successful blogs out there do actually put money behind their advertising so their blog can show up in front of the people most likely to read it. Don’t be afraid of putting a little cash behind your work to get it in front of more eyes. It can honestly be the final push that takes you from obscurity to success. 


Blog writing is the cornerstone of the internet. A huge amount of websites could be considered blogs if you think about the amount of writing that goes into them. The competition is fierce, but it is also extremely diverse. You could write about an obscure topic you are extremely knowledgeable about, or you could write about popular topics in a new and unique way; the possibilities are only as short as you can imagine them. Once you’ve gotten started, all it takes is a little effort to drive traffic to your blog. As long as you are determined, you’ll find your audience.