Landing Page Optimization

Admit it. We’ve all typed these statements into Google’s search bar in relation to Instagram growth: 

“How to grow my Instagram followers”

“When is the best time to post on Instagram”

“Get more engagement on Instagram”

You continuously click on each search engine result looking for unique tips and hacks that will ultimately give you the Instagram growth that you desire. Having a strong social presence online is important for building brand equity if going digital fits your brands’ goals and strategies.

With Instagram’s ever-changing algorithms, it is important for digital marketers to be up-to-date on the best practices and adjust as time passes. We compiled a list of hacks to build your brand equity and Instagram growth:

Create Meaningful Content

Your feed should not be screaming, “Sales! Buy me! Add to cart!”. Our first tip for Instagram growth is to create meaningful content. Consumers are not going to want to follow your page if they feel it is just one big sales pitch, with your product shoved in their faces.

To start forming that bond of trust between you and the customer, you need to have an authentic brand voice. Get in-depth with your content and don’t be afraid to write longer copy on your posts. By writing longer captions, you have a larger opportunity to share your industry’s insight with your audience.

Don’t Ignore The Creative

A huge mistake that some content creators are making is ignoring the creative (hyperlink to Nicholas’ first blog post). While some have seriously upped their game as of late, many content creators are not prioritizing this. Creating real content, real creativity and connections with the audience will drive them to take action. By having quality content that actually means something, you start to build a meaningful and lasting relationship with your customers.

Mix Up Your Content

If your content is just a mix of the same form of media, photos, your audience is going to start getting bored and your feed is going to feel stale. The key characteristic of Instagram is that it is visual. Adding movement to your content is going to freshen up your profile, and it can help illustrate your brand to your audiences.

Using videos in your content lineup is a great idea because it causes your viewers to stop scrolling and pay attention to your content. Currently, Instagram only allows for videos in one minute of length. This is plenty of time to get your point across and draw in potential buyers.


To start, what is IGTV?

Instagram TV for short, IGTV is simply an extension on Instagram that allows for longer videos as Instagram’s standard posting maximum for videos is one minute. Those that utilize IGTV can post video content for up to one hour. IGTV only came out in the last two years and it’s definitely going to be sticking around in 2020.

IGTV is great for Instagram growth because you know that the viewers went out of their way to search for videos in the related field. They are watching your content because they went out of their way to click on the video and engage with it. If you choose to utilize IGTV (which you for sure should!), maintain a similar style and theme through your videos so that viewers start to recognize your brand’s voice, and become followers of your content.


Implement hashtags into your content, but proceed with caution. A few years ago, it was common practice to add a paragraph of related hashtags to the end of every caption or even make a comment on the piece of content separated from the caption.

Ex. #love #instagood #photooftheday #fashion 

#beautiful #happy #cute #tbt #like4like #followme

Instagram now dislikes this use of hashtags. We recommend, to achieve Instagram growth, to incorporate hashtags throughout your copy. But, don’t force them in as it should fit in naturally.

Keywords In Bio

Don’t underestimate the power of a strong, straight to the point biography on your Instagram profile.

You would be surprised by how using keywords helps your Instagram growth. By adding keywords in your bio that are related to your industry, you start to appear in the “Suggested for you” section on similar profiles on Instagram. This section pops up when you click on the ‘Follow’ button on a new Instagram profile. The Instagram algorithm suggests profile to users based on the account’s activity and who the users follow. 

For example, on our Instagram, we have the keywords Social Strategy, Content Creation, Media Buying and more in our profile’s bio.


This “hack” for Instagram growth is by no means new, but it is sometimes forgotten. While you should be creating meaningful content on Instagram, you should also be engaging with other content in that same significant way. Interacting with content similar to your own will assist your Instagram growth journey.

Do not dive into your explore page and simply comment on a few emojis or a one-word response (like, “nice!”), this is not genuine and others will notice that.


This might be the most simple of Instagram growth hacks. Cross-promote your content across multiple platforms. Think of it like this: someone who might be giving you high engagement on Facebook, might not even know your Instagram exists. They’re just as likely to interact with your content on Instagram, as they have been doing on Facebook.

Link your Instagram page to your Business’s Facebook page. Link your social media platforms on your host website. Any opportunity you have to plug your content, you should be utilizing to grow all of your pages to both existing and new audiences.

Using the tools that we’ve highlighted in this blog post, such as IGTV, hashtags, creative content, keywords, and more, you’re on your way to Instagram growth. This will in turn also develop your brand’s image in the digital space and make an impact on your audience’s buyer journey.

Stay up to date with the new features rolling out constantly, and you’ll always come out on top. But also, don’t forget to return to the basics as some of these are also proven to still work!

If you’re interested in learning how we can help you grow your brand’s Instagram growth and other social media platforms, contact us here.