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If you’re marketing on the Internet, more likely than not your primary focus has been things like running ads on Google, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. For some companies, having this focus is just fine and will lead to great success. Others however, are utterly missing out by neglecting one of the most fertile options for online marketing: LinkedIn. When LinkedIn first appeared it didn’t have many, if any, marketing options. Thankfully, times have changed and now the opportunity for new leads on the platform has blossomed into something very exciting. Today, we’ll be discussing who should absolutely be using LinkedIn ads and how to go about succeeding in doing so. 

Who Should Be Using LinkedIn Ads

 Now, before we talk about what to do to succeed using LinkedIn ads, we first have to discuss if advertising on LinkedIn is right for your company and product. The other social platforms to advertise on cater to everyday users of all stripes, but the same can’t be said about LinkedIn. If you sell a physical product, realistically, LinkedIn probably isn’t the place to advertise. 

LinkedIn is a platform for selling yourself in a business sense, so the ads that perform best will cater to that kind of ideal as well. If your business has built a niche for itself in skill-building, self improvement, or business to business work, you’re in a much better position to succeed using LinkedIn ads. Business to business (B2B) work is what will absolutely perform best on the platform, so if your work has anything to do with that sector, it’s wise to get your marketing strategy ready right away. One note to keep in mind with LinkedIn ads is that they tend to run a bit more expensive compared to other social platforms. The absolute best case scenario are businesses where the goal is to find and maintain big spending clients. 

Options For LinkedIn Ads

Before we delve into best practices for LinkedIn ads, we first have to discuss some options we have on the platform. The first thing to understand is that there are two types of LinkedIn ads. The first is called self-service ads, which are likely the ones you’re more experienced with. Self-service ads function very similarly to the way other platforms allow for people to do their own marketing. You set your own budget, write your own copy, and set up the campaign from scratch. 

If you’re either new to online marketing or could use a little help maximizing your success on LinkedIn, you can start up a managed campaign. Managed campaigns allow you to partner with a team at LinkedIn to assist with both your copy as well as help you reach higher end clientele. Both methods function relatively similarly; the managed campaigns option just provides a little extra help. 

Both options require you to use LinkedIn’s Campaign Manager to run, observe, and eventually end any ads you have running. Similarly to other platforms, this is where you can acquire individual data about those viewing your ads like clicks, impressions, and comments. You can also acquire data on individual ad spend so you can boost ads that are working and pull ones that aren’t. 

Types Of LinkedIn Ads

Now to begin breaking down your options for LinkedIn ads and how to best use them to market your brand. There are a number of ad formats for you to choose from so we’ll go one by one.

Text Ad

The first option is simply called a LinkedIn text ad. These are straightforward pay-per-click style ads that you can gear to specifically target particular demographics. They make it easy to write your own copy and upload without much fuss. 

In terms of best practices, similar tactics you’ve likely used on other platforms will work here as well. You should always include a nice, eye-catching image, end with a strong call to action, and aim to use language that will connect with the audience you’re aiming at with that ad specifically. The only real difficulty with a text-based ad is being as concise as possible. You should use the one hundred characters you have available to make the most enticing ad you can.

Sponsored Content

The next type of ad you can create for LinkedIn is known as LinkedIn Sponsored Content. This is for content you feel will do best with the broadest audience as it will populate on the LinkedIn homepage. These kinds of ads are less passive than the text ads and will operate more like a normal post with likes, comments, and a sharing option. It is wise to keep an active eye on this one as you can interact with people in the comments to generate much more personal leads. If you make it exciting enough, people can even help spread the word  by sharing with friends and connections. 

Sponsored InMail

The last type of ad we’ll talk about today is known as LinkedIn Sponsored InMail. This option allows for easily the most targeted types of ads. It allows you to send prospects you feel confident in direct ads through LinkedIn’s messenger. This can be an excellent option for people you feel confident in to respond, or even past customers to let them know about things like seminars  or live events that are happening soon. The reason these kinds of ads are so effective is because of the high likelihood of the people you’re sending to responding in some way.

LinkedIn Ad Tips

Finally, we’ll talk about some general tips that work for any kind of ad. As with ads on other platforms, you should never neglect your copy. It’s wise to remember that LinkedIn is a platform specifically for professionals so you can get away with different kinds of copy that wouldn’t land on something like Facebook or Instagram. Inversely, the more lighthearted tone of copy on those platforms may not be as effective on LinkedIn. Keep this in mind as you craft your ads. 

One other thing to keep in mind with LinkedIn ads is your targeting options. Because of how LinkedIn operates, you can be much more specific with the level of the people you are trying to reach. LinkedIn options allow you to target level of seniority in a given company, specific industries, and other professional factors that may allow you to find even better prospects. If you take advantage of the full scope of LinkedIn ads, you are bound to find some of the best work yet. 


LinkedIn ads might not be the best option for every type of business, but if your company fits the bill, it can be a far superior option for finding leads than just about any other platform. Understanding not only that LinkedIn is a great place to advertise, but also knowing what kind of tools and tips you can use to maximize that effort is very much worth your time. With a new platform to get acquainted with, it’s time to get out there and start advertising!

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