The intersection of content & paid media and how it influences your social media advertising campaigns is one not to be overlooked.

The reality is, many people nowadays are advertising on Facebook, Instagram, Google, Snapchat, LinkedIn, TikTok, etc.

There’s a major flaw in the majority of most marketers paid media strategy, and that’s neglecting the creative.

The truth is, just a couple of years ago you could put up a Facebook or Instagram ad with lackluster creative, and it would perform fairly well. Those days are no longer.

As Facebook has become far more competitive, it’s no longer about who has the best targeting, the best optimization, the best ____ (fill in any paid media buzzword here). It’s more about real content, real creative, connecting with the audience that inspires them and drives them to take action.

Brands have started to focus on quality video content as their returns have become sub par as the landscape gets more competitive.

Not only does good social media content help build brand equity and connect with your audience, it also helps your paid media results.

If you look at the top performing social media advertising campaigns across Facebook & Instagram, it’s not a bland stock photo. It’s likely a highly engaging piece of video creative that hooks you, keeps your attention, and gets you to take action.

Quality social media content creation also effects the relationship between social media organic posting, and paid ads. By having quality content that’s highly engaged with, Facebook rewards you for following best practices, and has a positive impact on your paid CPM.

Having quality organic social media content also is a key factor in collecting important data. This is a great opportunity to create audiences to target with paid ads who interact with one or more pieces of your social media content.

Quality social content also involves building a meaningful relationship with your customers. By interacting with each person engaging with your content, you’re on the path to building meaningful brand equity, and actually caring about the attention you are getting. Don’t take it for granted.

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