Leveraging heartfelt testimonials to earn consumer confidence.

Cora Minerals is a company that purchases land owners’ mineral rights for re-sale and investment purposes. This process benefits both the land owner and Cora Minerals. The land owner generally receives a check that benefits their family and future generations by selling their land interests.

In this industry, most companes use traditional advertising channels (mail, television, billboards) which are outdated and often fail to connect emotionally with consumers.

We developed a strategy to run ads on social media platforms targeted precisely at Cora Minerals’ key demographics. We flew out to Texas and met with past customers whose lives have changed as a result of selling their land and used their interviews to create heartfelt testimonial ads. These testimonials effectively communicate how Cora Minerals works and how they can benefit their clients in a way that feels genuine and honest, setting them apart in a competitive market.


Cora Minerals

  • Paid Media
  • Video

We flew out to Texas to shoot interviews with past clients whose lives have changed dramatically and used these testimonials to create emotionally resonant ads.




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