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The Problem

PupBox came to Margle in need of more subscribed users to their monthly subscription service.

The Strategy

Margle developed a strategy to create 6 pieces of content, generate audiences and leads, drive those leads to the PupBox website, and get the puppy parents to convert and become loyal subscription customers.

The Result

Over the course of this 30-day campaign, Margle was able to provide over 2,300 subscribed PupBox customers, each with an average lifetime value of $250 (total lifetime value provided: $577,500)


Total Sales

Avg. Cost Per Purchase

Total Reach



Creative & paid media.


Creative & paid media.


Creative & paid media.


Creative & paid media.

Success through collaboration

Want to collaborate? Let’s put our heads together to create a plan, think outside the-box, share a vision, and reap the success.

© Copyright 2019 Margle Media. All Rights Reserved.

© Copyright 2019 Margle Media. All Rights Reserved.