The Problem

Snow Teeth Whitening was looking for a strategic partner to help transform their atypical ads and content into a multi-platform funnel for sales. Snow was stuck utilizing content that wasn’t engaging with their audience, lacking in aspects to help drive sales through social media.

The Strategy

Snow leaned heavily on their influencer marketing content and techniques, however their current social audience was lacking in engagement and building a solid community. We developed a dynamic paid social strategy, a production strategy, as well as a full social media management strategy to help in solidifying their brand across all digital platforms. Our strategy involved taking Snow Teeth Whitening from a simple company to a global brand that builds on it’s own social communities.

The Result

Our 10 month campaign was spread across Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. We created over 200 different video and picture assets that were used in paid advertisements, product listings, and organic Instagram posts. Furthermore, we helped launch a brand new product from Snow, selling out within the first few weeks. Utilizing our organic traffic and engagement, Snow was able to build up a significant customer base, continuing to drive re-sells and up-sells even after the initial purchase.



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Paid Media Case Study



Paid Media Case Study



Paid Media Case Study



Paid Media Case Study



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© Copyright 2019 Margle Media. All Rights Reserved.