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It’s official, we’re almost a third of the way into 2020. The new decade may have started off a bit rocky, but the challenges just make things more interesting! Digital marketing, is always in flux. With a chunk of the new year over, we have enough data to begin talking about some new trends and video marketing statistics. If you are involved in the world of marketing, these trends will be vital to you. Video has not only had a massive boost over the past few months, it is quickly becoming a necessity to a campaign. Enough with the introduction I can hear you say, let’s move on to these video marketing statistics! 


There are still marketing professionals that stubbornly claim that video isn’t necessary to a campaign and shun the concept entirely. Those people are about to be left in the dust as video is clearly here to stay. Video marketing statistics from these past few months prove that not only do people enjoy video as their preferred way of experiencing content, six out of ten of those people would rather watch videos online than on TV (Google)

With this shift to the Internet, you can be assured that video content will almost assuredly garner more attention than just about any other kind of media. If you doubt this claim, a representative from Facebook predicted that their platform will have shifted to nearly 100% video content by 2021 (Quartz). While this may be a touch of over exaggeration, one of the video marketing statistics that may make the claim feel a bit more concrete is the fact that YouTube has officially become the second most popular website on the Internet after Google (Alexa). To put that in further context, people on YouTube view more than one billion hours of video a day (YouTube). With YouTube providing an easy platform to post video content, there’s really no excuse anymore for not utilizing video in your marketing strategies. 

Another of the video marketing statistics that is extremely prevalent to marketing professionals is the use of mobile devices. While computer viewership is still certainly around and important, 75% of all videos are being played on mobile devices (eMarketer). This makes it much easier for your campaign to reach more people as people are rarely without their mobile devices. The other massive benefit of people primarily viewing video  through their phones is that sharing is much easier through that medium. Whether it’s through direct channels like sharing on social media, or even just turning to a friend and letting them see, 92% of mobile viewers will share the video in some way (Wordstream). This kind of shareability just isn’t there with other types of media.


But enough about vague trends, let’s move onto video marketing statistics regarding social media. That is the way of the future after all. It’s been mentioned before, but it’s worth reiterating: social media posts that have video will nearly always do better than those without. In fact, we’ll put a number to it. Posts on social media that have video will, on average, get 48% more views (Hubspot). That’s a number that isn’t worth scoffing at. 

I can hear the protests now though. It doesn’t matter if a video gets a large number of views if people aren’t going to do anything with the new information they’ve gained. Thankfully, that protest doesn’t hold any water as it has been documented that people claimed they were 62% more likely to buy a product after seeing it on a Facebook Story (Marketing Land). With that kind of success rate, there’s no reason at all to not begin advertising with video on Facebook, joining the ranks of the 81% of businesses that use Facebook as their primary video marketing platform (Buffer)

Pure Stats

We’ve talked about some very impressive video marketing statistics today. Luckily for you, we’ve got a few more for you to consider before you head off to add video to your next marketing campaign. When using video in your marketing efforts, you are not only benefiting the people seeing it, you are also expanding its reach in the first place. It has been found that a website with video is 53 times more likely to end up on the front page of a Google search than those without (Insivia)

If your product has a bit of a following already, you still benefit enormously from video content. We live in a culture where you can learn just about any basic skill on the Internet, oftentimes starting with a video tutorial on YouTube. To quantify that particular impulse, nearly 50% of Internet users will check to see if there is an explanation or introduction video on YouTube for a given product before ever considering going to a store (Hubspot)

These benefits only go up if you can get an influencer on board with your campaign. People who’ve gained a following online have extremely loyal fans, to the degree that it was found that 50% of younger viewers claimed they would stop what they were doing if a new video involving their favorite creator was featured (Google). If you can involve an influencer in your campaign, you can guarantee that a sizable audience will see and interact with it. This is simply because it involves their favorite creator. 

Ways To Use This Information

Now, we’ve talked a lot about some amazing video marketing statistics today. While you can do a great deal with this information, we felt it was necessary to provide some best practices to go along with. While longer videos can be very technically impressive, the Internet is a place of immediate satisfaction. If a user isn’t interested in your message very quickly, they are likely to click away. With this in mind, if you can keep your video at or under, two minutes, you will maximize engagement (Wistia)

Keeping in mind users’ short attention spans when it comes to ads can be very wise. While it may feel like the best way to go is a traditional ad that can be played during midroll on other videos, 65% of  video viewers will skip any online ad as quickly as they can (CNBC). You can dodge this by making your ads incredibly short so they are unskippable. But that can also create a negative association in viewers who see your unskippable ad too many times. This is where creating good, watchable content is where you will find success. 


In short, video is here to stay, now more than ever. Every single year the number of people finding online content more engaging than TV or other sources grows. Since last year, 71% of people admitted that the amount of online video had grown since the previous year (HubSpot). The simple truth is, if you can master video content targeted toward Internet users, you are setting yourself up for success like nothing else can. So it’s time to break out the camera, and see what video can do for your next campaign!

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